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Tax Question of the Week: New Payslip Legislation

Q- My client has asked me about the new legislation regarding payslips that comes into effect in April 2019. Can you shed some light on this?

A- From 6th April 2019 new legislation around providing payslips comes into effect, under which:

  • All employers will be required to provide payslips to all ‘workers’, and
  • Show hours worked on payslips where the pay varies by the number of hours worked

Who is entitled to a payslip? Read More

VAT Question of the Week: Online Traders selling to Germany using Amazon

Q- My client is an online retailer, selling through Amazon and other online marketplaces. They have recently received correspondence from Amazon with regard to the online sales they make to customers in Germany. It appears that Amazon is insisting that my client must VAT register in Germany if they want to continue to sell to German customers via Amazon. Can you advise what has prompted this action?

A- You may be aware that from 15 March 2018 new legislation allows HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) to hold  the operator of an online marketplace jointly and severally liable for the unpaid VAT of overseas sellers operating on their marketplace where: Read More

HR Expert: Preventing Annual Leave Carry Over

Q- My client had a number of staff who didn’t take their full allocation of annual leave during 2018 which meant this time was ‘lost’, what can they do to prevent this from happening again this year?

A- It is understandable why your client may feel uneasy with staff having to forfeit their untaken leave at the end of the year, however, the good news is there are a number of steps they can take to avoid this situation occurring in the future. Read More

Tax Question of the Week: a Valid Notice of Enquiry

Q- A client is being chased by HMRC in relation to an enquiry that may not be valid. The client moved house and changed tax advisers but HMRC sent a notice of enquiry to both the client’s old address and to the previous tax adviser. Is there a possibility that the enquiry can be cancelled?

A- HMRC may enquire into a personal tax return if they give notice of intention in a “notice of enquiry” to the person whose return it is within the time limit allowed under s 9A(1) TMA 1970. The time allowed is specified in s 9A(2) TMA 1970 and where a return is delivered on time is up to the end of the period of twelve months after the day on which the return was delivered. Read More

VAT Question of the Week: Registration

Q- Following the filing of self-assessment returns I have been asked to address VAT registrations for several clients that exceeded the VAT threshold of £85000 in the 2017 -18 accounting year. Can you advise how best to address this? Should we register them immediately with a registration date of 5 April 2018?

A- Before rushing to register your clients you should ensure that they made taxable supplies that have exceeded the threshold and at what date. You will need to consider the liability of supplies made and whether the place of supply is the UK. Read More

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