HR EXPERT: Bank Holiday

Q- A client has told me their employees are questioning if they have to work on the upcoming bank holiday, what should I tell them?

A- As Brits we all look forward to a bank holiday, whether we take the opportunity to enjoy an extended weekend away or to catch up on some DIY around the house. Therefore, bank holiday entitlement can be a particularly emotive issue in the workplace. Whilst many organisations offer these to staff as an automatic day off, others may Read More

HR Expert: Hot Weather

Q- Several clients have asked me about the recent hot weather and if staff have a right to be sent home when it is too hot. Before summer starts, can you help clarify this?

A- Given the recent upturn in weather staff may be forgiven for looking wistfully out of the window longing to enjoy the British sunshine before the inevitable downpours return.There is a common theory amongst employees that they have the legal right to leave work if the workplace reaches a certain temperature, however, this is not the case. Instead, the Health and Safety Regulations state that workplace temperatures must remain ‘reasonable’.

Read More

HR Expert: Flexible Working

Q- A client has just received a request for flexible working from an employee that wants to attend an aerobics class on Wednesday afternoons, do they have to allow this?

A- The rise in flexible working practices has been a common theme in employment as organisations seek to maintain an attractive and non-discriminatory working environment. Read More

HR Expert: Employee Lateness

Q- My client has an employee who is regularly late to work on Monday morning and blames traffic issues, are they able to dismiss him?

A- Infrequent lateness can be an annoyance, however when lateness becomes a regular occurrence it can cause a whole host of problems for your client which may lead them to consider an employee’s future. Read More

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