Divorce and Property

Q- A client moved out of the marital home a year ago into a rented property. As part of the divorce settlement, it has been agreed that I will transfer my share of the marital home to my wife once she has raised the finance to buy me out. I’m unsure how long this could take, or if we will have to put the house up for sale and therefore how this will affect my PPR claim?

A- Normal PPR relief would allow you to relieve the gain on the sale of this property, which Read More

Buy to Let Properties

Q- I have several clients with buy to let properties who have asked me about transferring their properties to a limited company. I am familiar with the capital gains tax issues, but what about the stamp duty land tax implications?

A- Holding a buy to let property via a limited company can be an attractive way of holding property.  Lower rates of corporation tax and full mortgage interest deductions apply following the changes to interest relief Read More

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